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Jay D. Ham after receiving and listening to the WRB Vol. II Requests CD for his radio show left a message thanking us for the CD and saying:

 “I tell you what – It is Great, It is fantastic”

Jay D. airs "Hammer's Home Town Radio" station from Garden City, KS via the Internet. The Wild River Band can be heard on his "Western Wednesday Evening" each week starting at 7 PM (runs for 5 hours)

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Barbara Martin of "Western Swing Monthly" said recently about WRB:

“It has been a thrill watching this band evolve into one of the premier Western Swing bands on the circuit today.  They dazzled me with their superb talent, arrangements, vocals and harmonies.  I'm very impressed!”


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The Wild River Band is honored to have been invited, once again, to set the mood with smooth Western Swing music at the popular annual Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo event.

Tickets may be purchased through any Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Wine Competition and Auction Committee member or email or call 832-667-1177.

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WRB played the 2005 Halliburton Christmas Party and were bowled over by all the friendly folks who seemed to enjoy listening to some "old fashioned" Western Swing ... the kids in particular just couldn't keep their feet still.  We sold a CD to a young mother who called us a couple of days later to order two more, and to tell us the following story: Her daughter took the originally purchased CD to school for 'Show and Tell' the next day.  She told her class a little about the music on the CD and then played it for them.  Her teacher liked it so much, she said she wanted one ... therein the call for two more CD's.

Nice to know that your music IS touching the ears and hearts of the young generation - just the ones we need to keep this classy music alive!

A big Texas THANKS to all the folks at Halliburton for having us, and for enjoying our music! 


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"The Wild River Band Requests - Vol II" CD is now available. You can order a copy NOW! ... see details on the CD page.

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WRB is proud, pleased, happy, honored, humbled, and all the above, to have been the backup band for Donna B's (The Ebony Cowgirl) CD:  "Got Dang Country Song"

 'Donna B' has one of the finest voices that has ever crossed the threshold of our hearing and we absolutely love this irrepressible wild child! Don't miss her! You can visit Donna B's website at:

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The band members thoroughly enjoyed a recent trip to Fulton, Missouri. Must be the friendliest people in the world located in this area, and the good folks at Callaway Bank in Fulton were no exception. We played the first night to a packed house at William Woods University, and the next afternoon at the grand opening of the Callaway Bank in Columbia before heading back to Houston to appear in a movie. Although the Fulton audience took a number of pictures, our pianist, Chuck Crow, decided to turn the tables with the following results:

The free concert at William Woods was sponsored by Callaway Bank and presented to the citizens of the area in appreciation for their 150 + years of support. We want to especially thank Bruce, Tom, Debbie, and Kim for their warm hospitality and being the most gracious host and hostesses WRB has yet to experience in any part of the country. Thank you, folks ... and we hope to see you again in the future!

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Check out the audio page where you will find a streaming download that contains excerpts from a gig at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Hideout on February 23, 2002. This 15 minutes of audio is taken from the board mix at the front of house mixing position, so the instrumental balance will be off a bit off at times, but will hopefully allow you to enjoy some of our show that day. The fiddle players, just as finicky as the breed is wont to be, were complaining about not being able to hear each other, so we'll have to excuse the occasional lack of their usually impeccable intonation ... yeah, right! Band lineup for this particular show was: Mike Stroup - acoustic guitar and vocals;  Billy Curtis - vocals, fiddle, sax and 5 string mandolin; Ron Ohhendalski - vocals, fiddle and 5 string mandolin; Herb Remington - steel guitar; Chuck Crow - piano and vocals; Jimmy Calhoun - drums; Karl Caillouet - electric bass. You will need a relatively fast connection to the Internet to enjoy this excerpt, but we hope you consider it worth the wait to "buffer up".

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Another advance article from an upcoming issue of Western Swing Monthly, as reported by Georgia Duncan of Katy, Texas. If you are a fan of Western Swing you owe it to yourself to visit the Western Swing Monthly website and sign up for the monthly magazine:

Subj: Dateline: June 30, 2001
Date: 7/1/01 12:07:05 PM Central Daylight Time

Herb Remington Day in Booth, Texas was rescheduled from June 9 (Herb's 75th birthday) due to flooding in the Houston area. Finally, on Saturday, June 30 Herb was honored with an official proclamation from Marjie Pollard, proprietor of Agnes' Trading Post in Booth, Texas. Herb has been sitting in with the Wild River Band during their performances at this revived establishment just southwest of Houston.The Trading Post is in a dreamlike setting nestled under a canopy of century-old trees, hemmed with a white picket fence behind a quaint Victorian home, the night air abuzz with the hum of crickets and the unmistakable aroma of Texas barbecue! You won't believe you are just minutes away from the 4th largest city in the US.

Despite the absence of 3 of their regular band members, Wild River was in great form. With a sub on drum and Herb filling the gap for the keyboard, Ron Ohendalski was undaunted as the sole fiddler. The absence of twin fiddles goes unnoticed when the steel and fiddler are as in sync as Herb and Ron. They delivered 2 sets of time honored tunes to an appreciative audience. Then the evening exploded with surprise! A lanky, bewhiskered, guitar-toting stranger wearing red suede shoes and was invited to the stage. Beppe Gambetta is Europe's premier guitar stylist, an Italian visiting Houston on his tour schedule. He had first heard Herb's "Remington Ride" 15 years ago while studying America's traditional music and incorporated it into his own repertoire. He was honored to meet Herb, and thrilled to play "Remington Ride" with the band. And thrilling it was! Beppe's flat picking was sensational! Herb and the Wild River band were swept up in the rapid current and flowed along with their guest through Milk Cow Blues and Sweet Georgia Brown! The exhilarating ride left the audience gasping for breath!

This truly was a singular occasion, but I suspect Agnes' will be the scene of many more magical moments in music history. We left feeling exuberant, confirmed once more that WESTERN SWING IS GOOD FOR YOU!

Georgia Duncan

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The following is reprinted from the June 2001 issue of Western Swing Monthly, as reported by Georgia Duncan of Katy, Texas. If you are a fan of Western Swing (If you have functional ears, separated by a sufficient volume of high quality gray matter, how could you not be?) you owe it to yourself to visit the Western Swing Monthly website and sign up for the monthly magazine. Kudos to Barbara Martin, the publisher, for doing such a fine job promoting Western Swing music and musicians .. and thank you, Georgia, for the kind words.

Dateline: April 6, 2001 Wild River Band at Hickory Hollow, Houston, TX.

Western Swing is alive and well in Houston thanks to the Wild River Band and their monthly appearances at Hickory Hollow. They provide all you'd want from a Western Swing band: an exciting selection of Western Swing tunes, a format that showcases their musicianship, and the typical Western Swing trademark: a congenial stage presence! Ron Ohendalski and Bill Curtis are the Mutt and Jeff of twin fiddlers; Ron's effortless delivery of smooth fiddle licks merge nicely with Bill's enthusiastically driven bow and dimply charm. Ron and Bill are each featured in vocals; Ron's voice, in my estimation, embodies the tone of early Swing. Mike Stroup's happy-go-lucky personality reflects in his cool guitar style and vocals. Chuck Crow plays the straight man on keyboard, adding vocal harmonies. The rhythm section is rounded off by Karl Caillouet on Bass and Dick Pollard on drums. The band welcomed three female guests to share vocals on stage. The delight of the night was Dick's mother-in-law's version of Amazing Grace. Hickory Hollow is a family restaurant, inexpensive, casual, and serves outstanding Chicken Fried Steak ... come hungry! The intimate setting in Hickory Hollow was filled to capacity, the responsive audience happily singing along. Ironclad evidence that WESTERN SWING IS GOOD FOR YOU!

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Some Western Swing links that the band members find interesting ... kindly support those who love and play the music by giving them a visit:

Western Swing Monthly
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