WRB Audio Files:

The selections on this page are encoded in the Windows Audio Media streaming audio format to save you download time. The sound, while not CD quality, will give you an idea of the band's versatile sound.

player.gif (1017 bytes) Western Swing: Click on the speaker icon to the left of each selection below to hear WRB play the Texas Music that makes folk's ears smile:

Panhandle Rag - (Vol II - Request's)
Sugar Moon - (Vol II - Request's)
My Life's Been A Pleasure - (Vol II - Request's)
That's What I Like About The South - (Vol II - Request's)
Silver Bell - (Vol II - Request's)
Please Don't Talk About Me (When I'm Gone) - (Vol II - Request's)
Right or Wrong - (Vol II - Request's)
Four In The Morning - (Vol II - Request's)
Let me go Home Whiskey - (Vol II - Request's)
Mission To Moscow - (Vol II - Request's)
Miss Molly - (Old Boots - New Steps)
Four or Five Times - (Old Boots - New Steps)
Kind of Love I Can't Forget - (Old Boots - New Steps)
Nobody - (Old Boots - New Steps)
Westphalia Waltz - (Old Boots - New Steps)
Your Red Wagon - (Old Boots - New Steps)
Take The "A" Train - (WRB Live!)
Mean Woman With Green Eyes - (WRB Live!)
Big Mamou - (WRB Live!)
Home In San Antone - (WRB Live!)
San Antonio Rose - (WRB Live!)
Miles and Miles of Texas - (WRB Live!)


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